Twitter Tweekly for February 10 2013

Here are some of my top tweets from the past few weeks. I’ve starred the ones I think are must reads for you.

Art Tweets

10 Ways to Make Your Art Business Stand Out via @ArtsyShark

Dot Dash 3 Lets Artists Build Virtual Galleries to Sell Real Art (and GIFs Too) via @artinfo

*How Uptown Money Kills Downtown Art Good stuff here

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Artist rants against giving away art for free in this video. Amen!

*If you thought Wall St was shady, read about the art market dealings via @nytimesarts

10 Former Art Sensations That the Market Has Left Behind via @artinfo

How to Deal with Crushing Feedback on Your Creative Work via @markmcguinness

Top tips for artists in 2013 from 9 others and moi via @adamleipzig

Biz Tweets

Passion and excitement will take you places that talent and a good strategy may not. via @GeoffTalbott

*When sending a cold email, always establish familiarity. “I’m a member of” or “I heard about you through . . . ”

A Well-Crafted Letter Still Gets the Job Done via @HarvardBiz

An email with a single call to action will yield the best results

Why innovators love constraints via @HarvardBiz MT @collageartist

*How to Get Your Email Answered via @chrisbrogan

*Time to step up? via @soniasimone…

Protecting Your Privacy on the New Facebook via @nytimes

What you need to know about new Pinterest business accounts (and how to get one):…

Fun Tweet

Am loving the iTunes radio called Drone Zone from SomaFM – under Ambient. Perfect background noise sans ads so far!

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