Gallery Space Available: Upper Right Corner

Robert Bean notices a greater response from his mailings when he uses postage stamps featuring his art.

Robert Bean Postcard

Robert Bean's postcard announcement and invitation. Design by Yeiser Art Center.

Since the topic of the week seems to be old-fashioned marketing rather than Internet marketing, let’s think about why you might want postage stamps with your art on them.

If Robert sends mail using regular stamps, he says he hears from a few people with RSVPs.

When he adds the postage stamp featuring his art, Robert notices something more.

When I use the stamps with my art, I notice an uptick in messages from people — often just to comment on the stamps. It’s a great way to help jump-start a dialogue about the event. I’ve had people ask about the specific works in the stamps, too. I have several versions of the stamps, some 44 cents and some 28 cents with different images.

They just seem to help raise the level of buzz about events.

Stamps of your own design are not inexpensive. While twenty 44-cent stamps cost $8.80, twenty of your own design are going for $18.95. The US Postal Service has a list of available vendors.

Do you live outside the US and know of a non-US vendor for self-designed stamps?

Have you had good results from using your own stamps?

By the way, if you’re near Paducah, Kentucky, be sure to stop by Robert’s exhibit at the Yeiser Art Center. It’s on view through November 20.
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